Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Perfect Iris

I've been admiring the blooms of irises around town... just love their majestic beauty in yellows, and dusty purples that grace many of the gardens of my neighbors. After spending an enjoyable evening with my in-laws out to dinner, mom made us wait in the car as she hurried to her backyard and picked me the most beautiful iris I had ever seen. She is truly remarkable and loved... it was the best gift she could have ever given me.


  1. The iris is my absolute favorite flower! This so delicate and graceful. I can almost smell it's candy-sweet scent.

    We have a stunning, world-famous iris garden up here in Montclair. It's really worth taking a trip to see. I'm sure you would take some fantastic photos there.

  2. I had a feeling and thought of you as I posted this morning. Will put the garden on my photo itinerary. Thanks!