Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Award Acceptance

Thank you to Mother Moon for including me in her picks for this award! It is such an honor, as she is such a talented writer and a beautiful person whose blog is at the top of my morning reading.

  1. Mother Moon's Message

As part of the rules of acceptance I am asked to share 7 things about myself, so here goes.
  1. I'm very shy but I've learned to hide it.
  2. I'm slowly getting over my fear of earthworms.
  3. I've had a near death experience where I met my two Guardian Angels.
  4. I've had a successful career as a nurse working in many areas from neonatal intensive care to oncology.
  5. I have a pet bunny named Otis who will be traveling around the country with us soon.
  6. My grand-daughter Annabel has changed my life in many profound and wonderful ways.
  7. I am married to the greatest poet in the world... who is also my BFF.
Now I will share 7 of the blogs that I follow and bestow the award upon them as per the rules.
  1. Gerry Boyd's Poetry reading is believing (best read aloud)
  2. 2012: A Mayan Calendar great photos with daily Mayan messages
  3. Metamorphosis a classy and compassionate poetess
  4. STAR who is an inspiration to us empty nesters
  5. A Tangle of Weeds honestly brilliant and funny about life struggles
  6. Serendipity a beautiful scroll in words and pictures
  7. Granny Mountain makes exciting adventures from everyday things
I'm not one to tell anyone what to do with their time but it is suggested to pass the award to others.
I'm so thankful to the blog community for making my day shine a bit brighter, my smile spread a bit wider! Brightest Blessings!


  1. Thank you and I'm very honoured you chose my blog amongst the others for an award. A lovely surprise during what has been a rather horrible week here! I'm not sure what i need to do to fix it on my blog however. I'm not very techy minded!
    Take care.

  2. Maybe I can help... I once had a blogger leave a ten page diatribe on one of my posts! You can email me at I think you are very very talented!

  3. Wendilea, you are so sweet to pass this award along to me! I too am computer challenged so will have to wait until daughter comes this summer and can post it for me. Thanks again so much!

  4. Thank you, Wendilea! I feel very honoured that you have chosen me for this award. I know the lovely Serendipity, but the other blogs l will have to check out.

    I LOVE your list! Now we know you just a little bit better.

  5. Your welcome Joycee! I struggle with the computer, but I have a lot of time to figure stuff out. What a great family you have!

  6. Your welcome Felicitas! You always write such thought provoking poetry and posts. I think about your topics for hours and days after I have read them. Such a gift!

  7. such kind words. I likewise enjoy your site. I understand exactly what you mean in regards to your grandchild. They give a gift that nothing else can compare to.

  8. You're shy, too? And me a counselor. Life is strange. Earthworms aren't my favorite critters but spiders and snakes are definitely on my do not cross my path list. Roland

  9. Thanks again Mother Moon! I was lucky to have been present at my grandaughter's birth. It was the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed and she brings a joy to my life of which nothing can compare. Have a blessed day!

    Hi Roland. Thanks for stopping by. It may be strange but though I fear earthworms, I kinda like snakes and spiders. Shyness is like those earthworms as it comes out out of hiding every now and then... usually during times of emotional rain.

  10. Thank you very much for the award Wendilea. I'll pass it on as you have asked me to. I'm glad you enjoy reading my words, as I enjoy yours. A kindred spirit there, I see.
    Blessings, Star

  11. Your welcome Star! It's so nice to find kindred spirits on the web. Have a blessed day!

  12. ~mornin little lady...thank you so for this award and congrats to you! i am honored you thought of me and look forward to getting to know one another...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  13. Morning faerwilliow... always nice having a cup of coffee with your lovely words and pictures! Blessed be dear one!