Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sign of Summer

The school year is winding down and at the edge of the asphalt path from the schoolyard that leads to the woods, a wanted sign lies in wait asking for donated waterguns. One has to admire the effort put into the request... perhaps a passing fairy will grant it.


  1. I love it.. I have to say that I would be one that would have to donate to such a wish...

  2. I did too Mother Moon.. and waterguns are really so inexpensive!

  3. ..haha... i like it very very much... i remember my childhood on that photo... i've once asked for waterguns before... and fortunately... i got many... and played all throughout the day... that was soo much!!! Thanks for bringing back in me those days!!!(^^)


    Have a blessed weekend!!!:)


  4. It reminded me of my own childhood wish... for me it was crayons and construction paper. A kind adult surprised me with the gift and it remains one of my fondest memories. It's often the simple acts of kindness that mean the most. A wonderful weekend to you Kelvin!