Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rose of Sharon

Aphrodite would surely be pleased with the Rose of Sharon variety named for her. The triune faces of love, beauty, and desire, sing together against a backdrop of cedar.


  1. It's everywhere I look! Namaste Sumit!

  2. I sense simplicity, profound rawness here. Its silence speaking volumes here.

  3. A simple quiet stroll around the block as I have been doing for the past sixteen years always leads me to the raw beauty of Nature. Have a wonderful weekend Opaque!

  4. Awesome my friend - awesome! I wonder if you're really on Earth or living on some kind of Eden with the gods and goddesses??? Co'z every time i go here i see nothing but all beauty and calmness... you always made us all feel like we're in heaven just by what you take and post in here...yes, you're a gift for us... a gift of light for all of us... and i'm very thankful for having found you in this world of blogging...!!!:D

    Thanks a ton my friend for all the understanding you extend to me... for all my excuses and absences... God Bless!:)

    A Blessed Sunday!:)


  5. Thank you Kelvin! I live in an average small town on the edge of a floodplain and most of my photos are taken in my own neighborhood. I have an active imagination and still delight in the beauty that surrounds me. I am inspired by all the friends I have found on the Internet and so I share my love of Nature as a way of giving back all the blessings that I have.
    A Bright and Blessed Sunday to you my friend!