Saturday, November 27, 2010

Central Florida

All along the Florida highways are lakes and ponds where alligators swim about... so people never do!

 Faces lurk from the jointed ends of huge cacti... not too scary.

 The plants grow to enormous lengths... each leaf almost half my size here.
 Even the impatiens seem larger than life... rivaling the hibiscus for their power to winter beautifully.

I thought acorns only came from oak trees, but here is a pod of palm tree acorns just waiting to drop on an unsuspecting head.

Just your average sunset from the Florida room, known as the lanai.


  1. ~such beauty is this place you live...acorns from a palm tree...who would have ever thought...must truly be a magical tree!!! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. This is where my family lives Faerwillow...currently I'm homeless by choice and this is our first stopping point in FL. I am amazed by the local Nature and new things to learn. I had no idea palm trees grew "acorns" or palm kernels and there are over 1100 varieties of palm!