Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Camping Wonders

 Every campsite needs a greeter and here is ours! He looks like my furry friend Valjean from NJ.

 The white sand in FL could easily be mistaken for snow in the unseasonable chilly temperatures seen here this week.

 Even at night there is the mystery of autumn colors glowing by fireside.

 The turkeys come out to sunbathe in the road. Don't run away... we won't harm you. I wish I could have caught the colorful beauty of their feathers.
 The herons are such patient little hunters... this one is ready to catch a tasty snack.

 The water of the natural springs just dances and ripples with color.

 Even the campground floor is decorated with nature's beautiful litter. What pretty wallpaper this would make.

A tiny baby christmas tree set against the rustic red of fallen pine needles...just precious!


  1. Beautiful pictures...
    The first one is brilliant...very well captured :)

  2. Thank you Sumit,,, I am delighted to be able to live out in the elements for a while, enjoying the little nuances of a natural habitat that is my new home. Namaste!