Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Drawn to Color

Little contrasts of color go along way to cheer in winter.

Oh Spring wherefore art thou?


  1. i love those gumamelas... they're simply beautiful and alluring... thank you for those amazing graces...^^ brightest blessings!!!^^

  2. Thank you Kelvin! Gumanelas, I have never heard that word before... it is lovely and I'll have to research to see what they are! Have a wonderful day!

  3. ..yes, gumamelas... we call those flowers gumamelas or hibiscus in our hometown province, Quezon... um, they look like gumamelas at first glance but wasn't so sure if it really was... anyway, i like 'em... really beautiful..^^

    Good day!!!(",)


  4. Oh yes Kelvin, they are hibiscus and are very prevalent here in the Southern states, although I think gumamela is a prettier name. Have a wonderful day!