Sunday, March 25, 2012

The woods were a calling

 I love the woods in the Spring... and it shows me that it loves me too!
 This little flowers are abloom everywhere on this warm Spring day!
 The river flows steady regardless of the weather, but it is made prettier with the reach of petals.

 Willows are weeping on the banks... it is a weep of joy and rebirth.

 A little wooden "beastie boy" in awe of Spring's glory.

 Oh, can you hear the mewling of baby catkins?

 Mr. Squirrel is a hobbit guarding his home and garden.

 He did let me take a glamor shot and I was pleased.

 A red breasted thrush... otherwise know as a Robin in these parts.

 The dandelion and bee balm are still trying to entice the bees... I hope they reappear in a big way this year. We need them here.

 I have never seen this forest bluebell before... going to research this wonderful little flower child!

 Chartreuse buds on bark... always a great fashion statement.

 Genealogy of a catkin family...little ghosts of wonder. 

 The dignity of black berries who have wintered over nicely.

Though not a pastel blooming tree... this beauty has Spring passion. It was 78 degrees in March and I just had to spend the day in my beloved woods as Nature sang her beautiful songs in color!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Southern Jaunt

 From a plane window, an ice-cream cloud.

 Zooming down to the coast.

 No mistaking Spring here.

 Petunias in the morning sun... delicious!

 Yes, the palms give it away...

 as do the oranges... Florida!

 Dusk on the lake...bullfrogs were singing.

 Night fairies.

 The lovely Sand Crane.

 A dolphin teases the boaters.

 Black Eyed Susans in March... amazing!

 Love the Gull!


 Back in NJ

 Explosion of Forsythia
Spring Sprung.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Signs of Spring

 The squirrels are going out on a limb, checking the progress of early tree buds.

 The first flowers... crocus warming in the sun!

 A big fat robin... always a welcome sign!

 Daffodils facing North, coming up nicely!

 One little crocus... splayed out in the middle of the lawn!
Bee balm... hope the bees come back this year!

 Winter branches catching the afternoon sun. Very patiently waiting!

 The color of fresh kale, which I'll be planting this year!

 The sunsets have been spectacular of late!

 The moon rising in a dark blue sky!

 Did I mention the bounty crop of croci?

Aha! There it is from a distance, the first bunch of daffs in bloom!