Thursday, September 20, 2012

Garden Memories

 What a wonderful sight to see the bees... sleeping on the job?

 Nothing beats a fresh picked strawberry from the vine, the first year is iffy, but next years crop should be  bumper!

 Ah marigolds, the natural insect and varmint repellent... and some varieties are edible too!

 The vibrancy of summer flowers shines on!

Our garden was filled with the ubiquitous sunflower! Amen!

 And then there was the careful planting of impatiens! Stellar!

 A shy but perfect tomato... marred only by the slide of a snail (not shown). Hey, we're organic here! A cup of beer will subdue the pest!

 Two wonderful ears of corn telling secrets or just cuddling... you be the judge!

 It's never too early to get the children interested in gardening... I hope it will be Granny Wen's legacy!


  1. What a cute little assistant you have! But I must warn you that there are child labour laws in your country.

  2. Too funny Debra! It's a child's labor of love! Brightest blessings!

  3. So glad I caught this post today Wendy. Your garden is beautiful and so is your grand-daughter. Seems so long since I saw a picture of her. She was just a little toddler when I remember her. Now she looks like my grandson in age although she is a little older I think.

  4. Thank you Star! Time does fly when you're having fun! My Bel is getting so big as compared to my two other grandchildren who are still babies. I look forward to having all of them help me in the garden as I learn to grow vegetables. I so enjoy how Bel is learning to string words together... she is so funny sometimes! Blessed be to you and your family!

  5. Thank you etartsilk! I have such fun photographing the vegetables, as well as picking and eating them. Namaste!