Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An autumnal snowfall

 Here's my version of the morning news. 

 The moon presides over the lovely naked branches.

 Even a dense fog doesn't stop the sun from shining.

 The sky has been so colorful this year!

 The first flakes of an autumnal storm.

 You can always count on a pine tree to keep covered
 and view the festivity of a snowfall.

 Glorious flakes... and no two alike... imagine that!

A sugary sprinkle on the hospitable ground.

Oh my... a little fairy princess has come out of the pine copse to get a better view. Wonderful!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


 The ancients are back... but they never really left.

 Sunrise, sun split... it happens  a lot in duality

 An aurora of color... hello new morn!

 The bees are back...

 and buzzing with activity.

 "Go with the flow, let go"... my buzzard friends remind me.

 The thistle people shine their lavender light, pushed up from the earth... they are happy too!

Anonymous writings appear at the parks, and all it right with the world... our world of One.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sandy Greets Athena

 After the hurricane, the sun still shines.

 Halloween and Samhain was celebrated.

 The trees weathered well here.
 Even the distant deciduous, though bare looked delightfully ghostly.

 The Autumn leaves are half full, half bare, depending on one's perspective.

 Here comes Athena, snowy winds against the bright light.

 By 5AM it all snow dusted and quiet.

 The sky was illuminated white.

 The first snowfall.

 Rather pretty, it was.

 Winter meets Autumn.

 Light and Dark mingle in the skies.

 Thinking of Yuletide and Christmas.

Our wee trees are sturdy... footprints in the snow. Hope is ever present.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sandy Came

 It was a night of horror, the winds blew in from Hades... and without TV or the web, we had no idea the havoc she wreaked.

 We expected flooding as we live by the river, but lo and behold, leaves were down but all was intact... the meditation paid off.

 The sky showed us some bruising, but disconnected from electricity, we had no idea what was what. Inconvenienced, but safe the winds slowly died.

 The sun came out briefly and so we were hopeful.

 Mother Nature had a cleanse, and some of the beauty did not blow away.
 Just a view from the balcony after the storm. Thankful here, very thankful for a glimpse of the sun. The family is safe.

No power, but concern as the sea gulls have moved inland.

The surveillance team...

 and the government surveillance team... Uh oh. Not good.

 The power is out and it remained eerie at home.

 We celebrated Halloween with the kids... who all had generators. Smart ones, our kids. The grandkids all had fun... unconcerned.

 Still carved a jack-o-lantern in spite of the blackout.
Ancestors still need to know we care about them too.

 The early morning sky on day two... pink clouds!

 A spotlight on our horizon... keep the hope, and so we did!

When we got power, the news was grim. Many people need help and we will do our part. But I will not dwell on the devastation, we have the network news to do that. It is still a beautiful world... and our humanity will make it remain so... in spite of the weather!