Thursday, November 22, 2012


 The ancients are back... but they never really left.

 Sunrise, sun split... it happens  a lot in duality

 An aurora of color... hello new morn!

 The bees are back...

 and buzzing with activity.

 "Go with the flow, let go"... my buzzard friends remind me.

 The thistle people shine their lavender light, pushed up from the earth... they are happy too!

Anonymous writings appear at the parks, and all it right with the world... our world of One.


  1. ..always like the ancient things... It's like meeting face to face the men of old times whenever i got to see one... And your photo of the sunrise,sun split is so true... I often see it from a train's window each time i head my way off to home after work... And bees... Yes they are always pleasing to sight...

    God bless!

  2. It's a wonderful world we live in...God bless to you too Kelvin!