Friday, November 9, 2012

Sandy Greets Athena

 After the hurricane, the sun still shines.

 Halloween and Samhain was celebrated.

 The trees weathered well here.
 Even the distant deciduous, though bare looked delightfully ghostly.

 The Autumn leaves are half full, half bare, depending on one's perspective.

 Here comes Athena, snowy winds against the bright light.

 By 5AM it all snow dusted and quiet.

 The sky was illuminated white.

 The first snowfall.

 Rather pretty, it was.

 Winter meets Autumn.

 Light and Dark mingle in the skies.

 Thinking of Yuletide and Christmas.

Our wee trees are sturdy... footprints in the snow. Hope is ever present.


  1. Nice shots! I like the creativity of your red/green Yuletide imagery!

  2. Thanks Debra! Brightest blessings to you!

  3. ..i missed your photographs a lot... and yes, hope is always present everywhere... and i the reason why i'm still here after everything...


  4. So glad to see you again my friend! Keep shining that bright light of yours! Bountiful Blessings!