Monday, December 24, 2012

Tis the season

 I hear poinsettias are back in style again this year!

 My Christmas Cactus bloomed shamelessly this year.

 The window herb garden is on the wane.

 The ground is still warm and lush here...I'll pass on the mushrooms!

What a wonderful winter tree scene!

Rumor has it that Kale is the new beef...I'm all in!

 What are you pining for this year? Peace, Love and Prosperity for ALL... same as last year!

 My garden still has color, the strawberries will be stellar next spring!

 Sweet blessings from my kitchen to yours...gluten free and vegetarian mincemeat pie anyone?

Curiously the moon has a purple glow and looks full, even though it is not officially so!

Now who can resist a Santa on a firetruck... especially when Mrs. Santa is allowed to ride along this year! Brightest Blessings!