Saturday, September 28, 2013

Early Autumn

 The early morning skies seem to change with the dropping temperatures and it is exquisite!

 One bird in flight can fill me with the freedom to enjoy the moment!

 Gotta love the string bean tree with it's lush heart-shaped leaves!

 The subtle changes of the Cottonwood tree.

 Love smelling the fresh damp coolness of the river who reminds me to go with the flow.

 Ivy in bloom, little angels giggling in the breeze!

 Change shows up the moment it is noticed! Splendid!

 Berries on blue... very trippy and mesmerizing!

 The invitation from a lonely park bench! Don't mind if I do!

 Close to the ground the colorful leaves dance for the slow changing rocks. I feel their applause!

 I'm being spied on by a dear little deer... mama is also watching nearby!

 A cranky tree dragon makes me laugh. So scary...Not. lol

 An art exhibit from inside a tree canopy! Sunlight included!

 Cedar berries... mmnn what a pungent fragrance!

 Late summer blooms catch a red leaf at playtime!

 Cottonwood bark...what a great wallpaper that pattern would make!

There is a big wide path to outdoor exploration and no time like the present! Happy Autumn!


  1. The maple key looks like two parakeets kissing.

    1. I thought so too Debra! It was strangely romantic!

  2. Wow, love the sunrises, berries, and bark! That first sunrise is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your welcome Barb! Always a pleasure to see you here!

    2. Haven't seen you in a while. Hope everything is well with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

    3. Happy Thanksgiving Barb! All is well and I hope you are too! I'm going back to school to be a counselor. You really can teach an old bird new tricks! Brightest Blessings!