Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summers Up!

 How time flies! We left NJ in June after seeing this gorgeous rainbow.

 The day of departure it was cold and menacing.

 The first I noticed about Florida was how colorful and abundant all the natural foliage is in spite of the heat.

 Salamanders dart about everywhere, they are not shy!

 How lucky to live a short walk from Lake Eola. We can see the fountain from our apartment window.

 Beautiful swans grace the lake and the park-like surroundings.

 The lake turtles are amazing and love to be noticed!

 It's hard to believe this sanctuary sits in the middle of a city.

 I could sit here for hours, except there is so much to see and photograph.
 Summer would not be complete without a trip to the beach, we will be coming here all year long!

 A view from our window, perfect for storm watching!

 I never tire of noticing the frilly palm trees!

 The squirrels are much smaller and thinner here, maybe because they don't have to store up fat for winter?

 Plenty of rainbows to see here, as we have a shower almost every afternoon!

 Evening are just divine for an after dinner stroll!

 Now that is some bloom, still trying to find out what it is!

 Love the toes on this cutie pie!

 Beautiful grasshoppers, but I'm told they are very destructive.

 Summer might be coming to an end, but here in Florida it seems never-ending. Loving it here!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spring Sprung

 It seemed long in coming this year but the Spring blooms were delightful!

 Downright riotous!

 One Azalea in bloom can instantly change my mood.

 If you look closely, you will see the Tree Goddess.

 Sometimes a perfectly fluffy cloud gets overshadowed in a scowl.

We saw three rainbows in the month of May... a record for me!

 The weather has been a bit wacky, but the sky still sets nicely.

 Sometimes dramatically so!

 Three little raindrops watch a movie in blur!

 A newly green tree branch bows to the river.

 It fun to notice the fungi!

 This one looks like a little UFO.

 Two flowers, one happy and one sad.

 I see faces in the strangest ways.

 This baby tree thinks she's Rapunzel!

 The old castle is smoking. Very strange!

 The thrill of magenta or petunia, whichever you prefer.

I could go on and on about Nature, but oy vey, I'll end with a little silliness! Enjoy your seasons!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Wonderland

 Like most here in the Northeast, we are hanging in there with the frigid temps. Enough cabin fever, I went for a walk after the snow.

 The tree branches were welcoming as I made my way down to the river.
 The little old barn behind the body shop looked very quaint indeed!

 Ice dancers were everywhere!

 Seed pods sported powdered wigs!

 I played hide and seek with the Sun, but he won!

 Animal tracks over the river... brave souls!

 The frozen river is still flowing and branches warn... keep off.

 Love the old jalopy... somehow I can relate.

 The old castle sets my imagination on fire.

 Let the melting continue!

 Photographing a bridge from a bridge.

 No trespassing? But why? It's only a field.

 The hairy stump monster... yikes!

 Back over the bridge!
 An abandoned hut with pretty boarded windows!

 The starlings were all a twitter, something must be going on!

 Spring colors give hope

 as oak leaves huddle together!


 So much color for the inside of a dead tree.

 Pretty little maids in a row!

 Pals just hanging out!

Back to the beginning and feeling wonderful! Thankful for a winter walk in the cold, crisp air!