Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Wonderland

 Like most here in the Northeast, we are hanging in there with the frigid temps. Enough cabin fever, I went for a walk after the snow.

 The tree branches were welcoming as I made my way down to the river.
 The little old barn behind the body shop looked very quaint indeed!

 Ice dancers were everywhere!

 Seed pods sported powdered wigs!

 I played hide and seek with the Sun, but he won!

 Animal tracks over the river... brave souls!

 The frozen river is still flowing and branches warn... keep off.

 Love the old jalopy... somehow I can relate.

 The old castle sets my imagination on fire.

 Let the melting continue!

 Photographing a bridge from a bridge.

 No trespassing? But why? It's only a field.

 The hairy stump monster... yikes!

 Back over the bridge!
 An abandoned hut with pretty boarded windows!

 The starlings were all a twitter, something must be going on!

 Spring colors give hope

 as oak leaves huddle together!


 So much color for the inside of a dead tree.

 Pretty little maids in a row!

 Pals just hanging out!

Back to the beginning and feeling wonderful! Thankful for a winter walk in the cold, crisp air!