Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spring Sprung

 It seemed long in coming this year but the Spring blooms were delightful!

 Downright riotous!

 One Azalea in bloom can instantly change my mood.

 If you look closely, you will see the Tree Goddess.

 Sometimes a perfectly fluffy cloud gets overshadowed in a scowl.

We saw three rainbows in the month of May... a record for me!

 The weather has been a bit wacky, but the sky still sets nicely.

 Sometimes dramatically so!

 Three little raindrops watch a movie in blur!

 A newly green tree branch bows to the river.

 It fun to notice the fungi!

 This one looks like a little UFO.

 Two flowers, one happy and one sad.

 I see faces in the strangest ways.

 This baby tree thinks she's Rapunzel!

 The old castle is smoking. Very strange!

 The thrill of magenta or petunia, whichever you prefer.

I could go on and on about Nature, but oy vey, I'll end with a little silliness! Enjoy your seasons!