Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summers Up!

 How time flies! We left NJ in June after seeing this gorgeous rainbow.

 The day of departure it was cold and menacing.

 The first I noticed about Florida was how colorful and abundant all the natural foliage is in spite of the heat.

 Salamanders dart about everywhere, they are not shy!

 How lucky to live a short walk from Lake Eola. We can see the fountain from our apartment window.

 Beautiful swans grace the lake and the park-like surroundings.

 The lake turtles are amazing and love to be noticed!

 It's hard to believe this sanctuary sits in the middle of a city.

 I could sit here for hours, except there is so much to see and photograph.
 Summer would not be complete without a trip to the beach, we will be coming here all year long!

 A view from our window, perfect for storm watching!

 I never tire of noticing the frilly palm trees!

 The squirrels are much smaller and thinner here, maybe because they don't have to store up fat for winter?

 Plenty of rainbows to see here, as we have a shower almost every afternoon!

 Evening are just divine for an after dinner stroll!

 Now that is some bloom, still trying to find out what it is!

 Love the toes on this cutie pie!

 Beautiful grasshoppers, but I'm told they are very destructive.

 Summer might be coming to an end, but here in Florida it seems never-ending. Loving it here!