Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year!

 Time flys when you're having fun...almost forgot to share!

 New Years Eve was magical with all the fireworks... we even stayed up til midnight this year!

 Will I even get over the splendor of the foliage here? I don't think so!

 Artwork is everywhere, even in the most unlikely places!

 The squirrels are so tame that you can hand feed them!

 The weather changes rapidly, but the skies are magnificent!

 Palm trees go well with the Christmas tree I think!

 Winter here seems a prolonged Autumn!

 Can't get enough of my feathered friends!

 The swans teach me to go with the flow!

 Some of the flowers are still a mystery to me...

 but I can always spot a perfect rose. In December!

My new hometown is "The City Beautiful."
I hope this New Year brings you all your heart desires! Namaste!


  1. Yes, life there looks pretty sweet! Warm and sweet. Happy New Year to you and your husband. I hope Otis is still going strong too.

  2. Otis is still hopping strong and living large these days in his high rise apartment! Big Hugs to you and yours!