Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to the Garden

 If we want to get back to Paradise, it's time to honor Mother Earth and learn about growing. Our community garden is a good place to start. Here we are before the planting in March.

 It is always good to enlist the help of angels if you are inexperienced in a new endeavor! 

 Here's our little 10 x10 plot with strawberry plants from last year.

 Our Big G is totally into gardening... but shhh, it's a secret! ;)

 My grand-daughter dressed up to go to the garden, and was not so sure about my weeding technique. I wear gloves because I'm still a little squeamish around crawly things.

 Ok, I'm passionate about the environment, and I protest the wrong-doers but I also take the responsibility to be part of the solution.

 Oh the strawberries year two were abundant and divine!

 The weather has been wacky, but beautiful as well!

 I love whimsy, and my gardening neighbors seem to love whimsy too!

 My tomatoes are ripening very nicely!

 Echinacea or coneflower is so medicinal... research is in order for future remedies. I'm on it!

 Oh my Sunflower with the coiled Kundalini snake!

 Kale, grazing in the sun. Can you dig it?!

 Oh, the cutest baby pumpkin or watermelon. Can't wait to find out (I am an excited neophyte)!

 Non-GMO corn... totally anti-establishment! Right on hippy freak!

 A big bee hug... oh what love!

 Cabbage and Kale... a fresh and wild alliance!

 Never too early to teach the younguns! Our Bel is all in and Granny Wen is very proud!

A couple of impatiens waiting on a green tomato. Patience my dears, everything ripens in it's own good time. Blessed Be!