Friday, November 29, 2013

Autumn winding down

 It has been a spectacular Autumn as always, the trees really put on a good show!

 A little pastel from the skies adds a little contrast as well.

 Colors surrounding the moon have been surreal!

 Waves of clouds across a fiery horizon.

 Those little golden apples are hard pressed to leave.

 A blue heron stands on the bridge to winter.

 A little maroon on periwinkle.

 Along with family and friends, I'm also thankful for the return of the honeybee.

 Dark clouds have their mystery.
Colors leave to make room for Winter's seasoning. Every moment to be enjoyed in fulfillment of Now. Time doesn't seem to exist there... nor should it. Blessed Be!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Early Autumn

 The early morning skies seem to change with the dropping temperatures and it is exquisite!

 One bird in flight can fill me with the freedom to enjoy the moment!

 Gotta love the string bean tree with it's lush heart-shaped leaves!

 The subtle changes of the Cottonwood tree.

 Love smelling the fresh damp coolness of the river who reminds me to go with the flow.

 Ivy in bloom, little angels giggling in the breeze!

 Change shows up the moment it is noticed! Splendid!

 Berries on blue... very trippy and mesmerizing!

 The invitation from a lonely park bench! Don't mind if I do!

 Close to the ground the colorful leaves dance for the slow changing rocks. I feel their applause!

 I'm being spied on by a dear little deer... mama is also watching nearby!

 A cranky tree dragon makes me laugh. So scary...Not. lol

 An art exhibit from inside a tree canopy! Sunlight included!

 Cedar berries... mmnn what a pungent fragrance!

 Late summer blooms catch a red leaf at playtime!

 Cottonwood bark...what a great wallpaper that pattern would make!

There is a big wide path to outdoor exploration and no time like the present! Happy Autumn!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Late Summer Stroll

 I love a stroll where you walk a familiar route with new curious eyes. Something unusual will always come to sight to delight.

 Most people find spiders and webs creepy, but I could stare at them in marvel for many minutes, especially at sunset!

 I pass the locust trees all the time but this one called me to photograph from underneath. A great idea!

 This prickle ball (for lack of a better term) was found on a dying vine that had been uprooted by wind. I had to memorialize it!

 Now this is when I get really excited! A glowing fairy at sunset!

 Ok, for non believers it is a spider glowing in the sun while suspended from a bridge. Feel better now? (wink, wink)

 There is something so tranquil and mesmerizing about watching a river flow. I like to see the morphing shapes from the currents.

 I like this colorful church garden as it sits in front of the pink post office building in the background. 

 Oh the luscious flounces of the gladiolus! 

 Will be researching this outdoor "spider plant" with pretty purple pokers, unless someone can tell me what it is.

Day Lilies always look happy, even at the summers's end. They make me smile even when they are closing up for the night. This one is enjoying the last of the sunset just like me!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to the Garden

 If we want to get back to Paradise, it's time to honor Mother Earth and learn about growing. Our community garden is a good place to start. Here we are before the planting in March.

 It is always good to enlist the help of angels if you are inexperienced in a new endeavor! 

 Here's our little 10 x10 plot with strawberry plants from last year.

 Our Big G is totally into gardening... but shhh, it's a secret! ;)

 My grand-daughter dressed up to go to the garden, and was not so sure about my weeding technique. I wear gloves because I'm still a little squeamish around crawly things.

 Ok, I'm passionate about the environment, and I protest the wrong-doers but I also take the responsibility to be part of the solution.

 Oh the strawberries year two were abundant and divine!

 The weather has been wacky, but beautiful as well!

 I love whimsy, and my gardening neighbors seem to love whimsy too!

 My tomatoes are ripening very nicely!

 Echinacea or coneflower is so medicinal... research is in order for future remedies. I'm on it!

 Oh my Sunflower with the coiled Kundalini snake!

 Kale, grazing in the sun. Can you dig it?!

 Oh, the cutest baby pumpkin or watermelon. Can't wait to find out (I am an excited neophyte)!

 Non-GMO corn... totally anti-establishment! Right on hippy freak!

 A big bee hug... oh what love!

 Cabbage and Kale... a fresh and wild alliance!

 Never too early to teach the younguns! Our Bel is all in and Granny Wen is very proud!

A couple of impatiens waiting on a green tomato. Patience my dears, everything ripens in it's own good time. Blessed Be!