Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Freak Storm

 The skies were ominous that morning
 Fall was in full swing

 The temperatures was falling and sleet was skidding

 The winds howled at the snowy spectacle

 At night strange messages appeared on pavement

 The following day the leaves lorded over the snowy ground

 Low lying branches were laden with snow

 We only received a minor dusting

 The melting began with the rise of the sun

 A creepy hand gives the all OK

Blame it on the alien figs!


  1. ..ah, soo beautiful... when will i ever experience a white Christmas??? i like snowflakes a lot though our country don’t have winter season.. i can only see snow on tv shows from abroad... hehe.. thanks for bringing the snow in my sight.. (:

    Brightest blessings!(:


  2. Oh, I'm sure I will capture many snowfalls these year! Our winters are being alarmingly arctic with the global weirding going on. I'll dedicate my best snowfall post to you Kelvin! Brightest blessings!