Thursday, March 22, 2012

Southern Jaunt

 From a plane window, an ice-cream cloud.

 Zooming down to the coast.

 No mistaking Spring here.

 Petunias in the morning sun... delicious!

 Yes, the palms give it away...

 as do the oranges... Florida!

 Dusk on the lake...bullfrogs were singing.

 Night fairies.

 The lovely Sand Crane.

 A dolphin teases the boaters.

 Black Eyed Susans in March... amazing!

 Love the Gull!


 Back in NJ

 Explosion of Forsythia
Spring Sprung.


  1. I enjoyed all these photos -- Spring isn't quite here yet although hopefully it will be soon -- early this year as it is everywhere, it seems.

  2. Gorgeous glimpses from you recent travels, I suppose? and then back home again. I had never seen the night fairies until I came to U.S.A. I was entranced. First time I thought someone had lit a match in the bushes!!!
    Beautiful pictures, taken with love.

  3. Thanks Star! I love Nature and yes, this was from a trip to Florida over the weekend! Brightest blessings this lovely Spring! I reread Bertie's House on the plane and it was delightful for the third time! Big hugs!

  4. Thanks Debra, and a Happy Spring to you! Hugs!