Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Angel in the Unlikely

During a recent traipse through the wooded floodplain that is part of my playground, I spotted what appeared to be an angel ready to take flight. In actuality, it was the remnant of an animal jawbone that lay gracefully in the dirt. I am reminded that angels appear in many forms and in the most unlikely places... providing encouragement and inspiration.


  1. When I see an animal bone in the woods my first reaction is a startled one. I feel a sudden sense of dread, and then I remember that this is nature, this whole earth is a grave site. The thought that comes next is usually a comforting one. This photo makes me think of these complex feelings.

  2. Nature both startles and comforts... a worm may startle me til I remember how important they are to the earth. Thanks for sharing!