Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wholesome Blogger Award

A very big thank you to my dear friend Sumit for presenting me this award. I've included the link to his blog which contains beautiful poetry, prose, and works of art. I'm very grateful that he should consider me for this award as his talents are many and he expresses such worldly sentiment in an honest and compassionate style that so  touches my soul.

Myriad of Thoughts

I like this award because the rules are simple: pass it on to 1-12 other blogger friends. I have chosen two who come immediately to mind.

My friend Faerwillow at Serendipity writes beautiful entries about Nature, her family, and the simple joys of living. Her photos are incredible and she emits such a style and grace that makes her readers feel as if she is a best friend. I'm so happy to know her!

My other friend is Star, from England, who is an avid gardener, storyteller, and new grandma extraordinaire whose blog I enjoy very much!

Congratulations to the winners and my humble thanks to Sumit for presenting me with this award!


  1. ~oh good morning...congrats on your award!!! i am honored by the words you have written here and deeply touched that you feel such reguards towards my little place here and me...thank you so...much l♥ve and light always shining brightly upon you~

  2. You're very welcome Faerwillow! Have fun today!