Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An autumnal snowfall

 Here's my version of the morning news. 

 The moon presides over the lovely naked branches.

 Even a dense fog doesn't stop the sun from shining.

 The sky has been so colorful this year!

 The first flakes of an autumnal storm.

 You can always count on a pine tree to keep covered
 and view the festivity of a snowfall.

 Glorious flakes... and no two alike... imagine that!

A sugary sprinkle on the hospitable ground.

Oh my... a little fairy princess has come out of the pine copse to get a better view. Wonderful!


  1. Lovely light through the lens. Happy Solstice and Christmas to you! Peace!

  2. Thank you Barb, and a Happy Solstice and a Prosperous New Year to you too! Namaste!