Monday, July 26, 2010

Apple on a Tree

Love the way the water rolls off the apple's back as it hangs from it's perch upon the speckled tree.


  1. ...hmmmn... very innocent apple... so calm and tame...(^^)

    Btw, i am so much flattered 'bout the words you left on my 'Stone Bird' post... thank you!!!:)



  2. I love green apples! It is as if the water is licking the apple.

  3. I do too... they bring back childhood memories of eating them right off the tree!

  4. Keep writing Windowlad... it is a wonderful gift you have!

  5. I love to watch apples growing too. I have a new apple tree. Some years ago it was there and it got too big so my husband decided to cut it down. We cut it down and put a bucket over it to stop it growing. He also put acid on it to make sure. After a year or so, I took the bucket off. I felt sorry for that tree, always wishing we had not done what we did to it. Now another year has gone by and the apple tree has started growing again. Isn't nature wonderful? I put it down to the fact that I wanted it to grow again and it did. It must have had deep roots. I love your picture of the apple and your sensitive thoughts and expressions.
    Blessings, Star

  6. Thank you for sharing that hopeful message Star! Nature is wonderful and resilient and forgiving... always trying to reveal to us our own true nature. Brightest blessings!